Picasa Version Free

Google's photos editing and management software program, which offers collages and other surprises

Google Picasa is one of the best photos organization and management software programs available today. Since it was acquired by Google, it has lost its original name (its online version was replaced with Google Photos, one of Google Plus's products), but the support it received from the Internet giant and the resources it was allocated with had done it nothing but good and had basically made it faster and more refined.
Today, Picasa enables you to quickly view all of your photos (even if they're kept in different folders that some of which you've totally forgotten about) sorted by date or by folder name. It enables basic photo editing capabilities as well as neat features such as creating collages (an easy to use feature that turns a few selected photos into a professional looking collage).
Its Face Recognition feature will have you sitting for hours trying to teach it that that curly headed little boy is your son. The feature works just fine and will succeed in retrieving other photos of the tagged person, but its shortcoming is the fact that it requires learning and that it has difficulties coping with photos of children who change rapidly and cause it to lose its focus (or in other words, the technological version of 'oh my! Look how you've grown' looks more like a 404 error message).
Additional main features:
- Organizing photos in folders and smart tagging
- Face recognition
- Cloud photo backup
- Quick photo sharing via email or social networks
- Advanced printing capabilities
- Automatically adding photos in real time, as long as the software program is active and new photos are being copied onto the computer or being created
Users come first